Fresh Air

Today was the first time I left my house since Sunday…how sad is that? After much thought I went ahead and arranged an appointment to visit the school that I’ll be applying to. This afternoon my husband and I made our way over there to see what the Fashion Design program had to offer. I earned my Associates at its sister school, so I already knew what to expect and what questions to ask. Todays visit just re-affirmed that this is what I really want to do and I’m excited to get started as long as the Financial Aid department does what they need to do for me, lol. So anyway, here’s what I wore today:

These are my favorite shoes! They feel like sneakers – this coming from a girl who just learned how to properly walk in heels in 2009. They’re so comfortable! They’re Jeffery Campbells’s (which usually retails for around $100 and up) but I found them in a thirft store for $5.00 – major score!
One of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my hair is stop chemically straightening it. Although it’s annoying as hell dealing with hot combs, flat irons and the fear of sweating, I love the luxury of having the choice of my natural texture and bone straight. Transitioning was not cute but the end result is totally worth it!
I noticed that you all enjoyed my muffin post (lol), I actually made another batch last night which turned out even better. I also found a recipe for S’more Cupcakes on Bakerella that I’ll hopefully be able to test out this weekend – my family is really looking forward to that 🙂  I’m really having fun learning how to bake and I’m thankful that you’ve been sending words of encouragement my way. I’ll continue to share my progress…
Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone!
Don’t forget to tune in to the Hope for Haiti telethon tonight! It’s going to be on all major networks at 8pm!


4 thoughts on “Fresh Air

  1. Dayka (Life +Style)

    It's good that you felt like you were in the right place when you visited the school–I hope things work out for you there! Your hair is super cute, and you're right about transitioning–it is THE WORST, but so worth it when you're done. I too, hate worrying about sweating in this super humid weather, but now that my hair's longer I do a 2 strand twist set at night and take it out in the morning so I”m not constantly applying heat. Having the choice to wear it curly or straight is priceless!


    MARTINA: I'm doing ok, just bored out my mind not working or being in school at the moment…lol

    DAYKA:I've been trying to 2 strand twist at night as well. I'm still learning how to style natural hair without heat…I'm in the experiment phase right now although it's been years since I've gone natural…usually I just get frustrated and throw in a sew-in lol


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