Making French Toast

I love french toast for breakfast. Although this is not condusive my diet, I needed it in my life this morning! I searched online to see if there was some fancy recipe for french toast but they were a little too fancy and not the french toast that I was use to – so I skipped that and stuck to my simple little recipe that I know.
In a bowl, mix the milk and egg together. I know most people sprinkle on sugar once the french toast is done, but I mixed it in the milk. I searched the fridge and pantry for something else to throw in there, but that’s all I could come up with. After soaking the slices in the mixture and a couple minutes in the frying pan – breakfast was complete. I topped it with maple syrup and whipped cream – because if I was going to go there…I was going to all the way! Plus, I like to find as many opportunities as possible to use whipped cream – it just makes life better…mine atleast!



6 thoughts on “Making French Toast

  1. HanneeNz

    Hi Jin!
    Have just come across your blog and I love it. Your wedding pictures are gorgeous and reading your posts I actually laughed out loud! Your french toast looks devine, it is my fave breakfast treat ever. When I make mine, I add orange zest and top it with bacon and maple syrup. Might have to cook some up now….!


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