breakfast + beach arrival

With only night on the island, I made sure everyone was up early the following

morning so that we could make the most out of the trip before heading back to the cruise

ship. There was a resturant located next to the hotel so we went there for breakfast first things first.

I had a Western omlette with toast…yummy…

After breakfast we walked back over to the hotel and caught a shuttle to the beach…

We actually got dropped off at another hotel and were told to

walk to the back we’re we’d be greeted by the beach…

…and greeted by the beach we were…

My sister and I ran into the water – it was so beautiful! We practically had the beach to

ourselves. It was so peacful, the water was calm and so clear…

I loved how quiet and peaceful the beach was. No crazy drunk people running

 around – just Lil Sis, Daddy, me and a few other people.

 I spotted the cutest little boy and had to snap a photo of him…



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