Bahamas | beach + pizza

…just need you guys to know that this is my artistic talent
showcased here in the sand…Lil Sis, Dad + Me
After the beach I was so dizzy from the sun that I had to lay down for a good
half an hour to get myself together – it was soooo hot. We got dressed, checked out
 and headed across the street to a local pizza joint for lunch.
Ok…one last post about my vacation coming up, lol…the trip back home…

4 thoughts on “Bahamas | beach + pizza

  1. Haupi

    Just blog surfing and came upon your blog and love the idea…after the wedding what happens…how original. Love this blog and wish I had some of that pizza. I'm going to try to come back to see how it all works out. Congratulations and the best of luck.



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