Our Second Day In Vegas

First off…why is it so cold today? I went for a walk at lunch yesterday and it was gorgeous outside, by the time work was over – it was freezing. I mean…it’s not FREEZING per say – but this cold front just means to me that winter is going to show up any second. I’m so scared. It’s probably going to start snowing tomorrow – I can’t do this people. Winter never bothered me before when I lived here, but after living in South Florida for a couple years and coming back – I can’t do it anymore.
…you guys don’t care about this right?
…yea didn’t think so…
…back to the Vegas pictures…
my outfit for the day.breakfast via room service.essie “fifth avenue”
It didn’t take us long to realize that most of our money was going to be spent on food. I wish someone had told me how expensive food was in Vegas! There was food everywhere – delicious and luxurious food! I ate so much with not ounce of guilt – mainly because I was walking up and down That Strip in the hot sun…I know I burned a ton of calories. Besides, its vacation – who cares? My husband went in on his seafood plate at lunch – mussels, salmon, lobster and pasta. The waiter said my hubby was the first person he’s ever seen finish that entire plate. We also ate a chocolate cake for dessert, that had chocolate mousse and chocolate sauce on top – it took us hours to eat it little by little because it was so sweet.
this place is so cute, it’s called “Sweet Chill”…it was located in our hotel
We had to stop by Jean Philippe’s which was located on the 1st floor our hotel. I’ve been wanting to try French Macaroons FOREVER and I figured that my first time should be from a world renowned pastry chef. Of course I got distracted by everything. I was a kid a candy store – literally! I felt bad for my poor husband who had to deal with me spinning in circles…touching everything…smooching my face against glass displays…eventually he bought me the macaroons and dragged me out of there.
Reflecting back on these pictures are a sweet ending to my week – I’m so glad I decided to go on this trip. My real life is so serious right now and I have a lot of heavy stuff coming up that I’m mentally preparing for. I have lots more pictures to share – thanks for stopping by and showing love!
Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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