Vegas In Conclusion

So these are my last batches of my vacay and then I’ll shut up about it…I promise.
In all, I LOVE Las Vegas! There was so much to process when we got there, that we didn’t do half the things that we initially planned on doing – so I’m definitely looking forward to going back in the next few months. We already have the placed lined up for where we’re going to stay next time and it’s SICK! But let me not get ahead of myself…on the last day I was so not ready to leave. Vegas is certainly a place to go to escape and create your own version of reality…Lord knows I needed that!
the ceiling of The Venetian Hotel
our amazing hotel…we love it there!
I’m not the only one who recently left town – check out my cousin’s recent trip to Puerto Rico .The Mr and I were planning on soaking up the sun in PR for our anniversary this November, but since he already took time off for LV, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. For now I’ll live vicariously through Kimi.

5 thoughts on “Vegas In Conclusion

  1. JIN @ The BrownBerry

    @ cheeky curves: It is a great place to vacation – you should try to go out there one day

    @ brown english muffin: I'm glad you like my pictures, trying to get the most of this camera lol

    @Marlie and Me: I totally agree with you. I felt like I went all around the world and back when I went there.


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