Reader Question: How To Get Rid of Acne + Scars

Reader Question: I just read your post on Honey and I was wondering something.
My face breaks out like crazy and sporadically. There are days it’s ok and others when
it’s out of control. Do you have any tips to reduce the amount of acne/breakouts on my face?
And when it comes to discoloration (from popped pimples and such)
do you have any tips to make them better?
– M
Water should be your new best friend! I cannot stress the importance of drinking water if you have acne prone skin (it took me forever to figure this out). Part of the reason for acne flares, is the imbalance of hormones in our bodies – by drinking water, you’re flushing out those excess hormones that aid in causing breakouts. Water also carries nutrients to every part of the body, so it will hydrate your skin by delivering the proper nutrients needed for skin repair.
Create A Regimen & Be Diligent With It! Creating a regimen is essential to reducing acne. Washing, toning and moisturizing your skin should be done both morning and night. With acne prone skin, it’s extremely important to keep your skin clean and ph balanced. In addition, exfoliating once a week is great as well to make sure you don’t have an dead skin accumulating, which would then create more breakouts. When looking for a regimen you want to purchase products that either contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.
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– Try The Oil Cleansing Method. I haven’t personally gotten around to trying  oil cleansing method as yet (hoping to order my oils soon and I will share my personal experience with it) but everyone who has done it swears by it and no longer feel the need to purchase commercial products. The OCM involves applying oil directly to your face. You’re probably thinking, “if I have oily skin, why would I put MORE OIL on my face?” – hear me out…oil actually dissolves oil. By using the correct oils on your face, you’ll actually be cleansing your pores of bacteria. For acne try Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Hazelnut Oil or even an Evening Primrose Oil { most of them can be purchased here }

If You Wear Makeup, make sure it’s not oil based. Ever get those tiny little bumps under the skin and can’t figure out where they came from? It might be your makeup. Some makeup brands are commedogenic, meaning that they clog the pores. You need to avoid these like the plague! They will only complicate your skin further. Be on the look out for water based or mineral makeup which are non-comedogenic and in some cases will actually help your skin.

Change Your Pillow Case Often You want to make sure that you’re face is on a clear surface every night
Preventing & Treating Acne Scarring:
– Do not pick at your face. Popping or picking at pimples will both increase your breakouts and leave scarring.
*** To get rid of exhisting acne scars, I always suggest a microdermerbrasion (this treatment will change your life, it reduces acne as well as scars). If you don’t have the extra cash to shell out to an esthetician or dermatologist for this treatment, you can always purchase an at home kit to do it yourself.
– Chemical peels are also done by an esthetician or dermatologist. But let me say, only do this if you have to and make sure you do an extensive amount of research prior to chooseing someone to perform this procedure on you. This would be the absolute last resort, but when done effectively, the results are amazing.
– …and of course, you can always go the home remedy route by experimenting with rubbing Rosehip Seed Oil on your face for 15 minutes per day, applying aloe vera gel or juice to the affected area when fresh (it reduces the chances of permanent scars), using lemon juice as a spot on treatment  may be beneficial as well

I hope you’ve found this helpful and if anyone has any
questions about todays post or has any other skincare questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email 

5 thoughts on “Reader Question: How To Get Rid of Acne + Scars

  1. Anonymous

    This is definitely very helpful! I'm bookmarking this page to start implementing a face regimen. Thank you so very much -M.

  2. Jin

    Thanks for sharing your tips…I need to find a routine for normal/dry skin.

    I think it's so cool that your name is Jin AND you have natural hair! is Jin you real name or a nickname? MY name is Rajinder but I've gone by jin my whole life 🙂

    BTW i love your blog…it's so cute!


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