Tom Ford debuts Nail Lacquer that ONLY cost $30 a pop…

…and I say “only” with every sarcastic bone in my body. Granted, if I’d won the Powerball over the weekend as planned, I’d probably buy this – but since I didn’t win and my job announced on Monday that they’ll be moving to Georgia and we’ll be getting laid off at the end of this year – it’s definitely not happening. At this moment, feel free to shed a tear for me…but not too many. In any event, just like anything else Tom Ford touches, this line is the epitome of luxury and elegance. Not only does this man know how to make a product – he always knows how to package the heck out of it too (it took me so long to get over the lip stick packaging)! I would imagine the consistency to be incredible and the color long lasting – but I may never know…unless I hit Powerball this week. As much I love adding to my growing lacquer collection, I’m going to have to sit this one out. But best of luck to you Mr.Ford – though I’m sure you’ll be fine. Cheers to the dude from Austin,Texas who made his dream come true.
what do you think?
Is $30 way too much to spend on nail polish?
what’s your limit?

3 thoughts on “Tom Ford debuts Nail Lacquer that ONLY cost $30 a pop…

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