BIRCHBOX + CURLBOX (the art of product sampling)

You’ve heard of Birchbox, right? In case you haven’t, it’s a monthly subscription to receive 4-5 highend beauty product samples on a monthly basis – kinda like the cosmetic version of Netflix maybe? The products sent out to you coincide with a quick questionnaire about your skin, hair type etc. This subscription is only $10 per month by the way! Of course, I’ll share my treasures with you each month – I can’t wait!
…and for all the naturals out there…there’s a company called Curlbox (that will go live soon) that will send you sample sizes of natural hair products each month (same concept as Birchbox from what I understand). Seriously, how much money do we spend on these products? Don’t you just hate when there is so much hype around a product, only to realize that it doesn’t work well for your texture? Now you’ll be able to sample before making an investment…and as we know, products for natural hair are an investment. I almost started praise dancing when I heard about this company – especially since Eartha (my fro) has been acting up lately (she hates cold weather). You can register at to receive word when the site goes live or you can follow them @curlbox to receive daily updates.
what do you think of this concept?

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