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Every so often, the cosmetics industry markets an “exotic” product to grab our attention. Whether your hair is natural or relaxed, your skin is acne prone or dry – chances are you’ve heard of Argan Oil by now. It’s been a beauty secret of Moroccan and European women for ages, but the secret is finally out in North American. This natural yet luxurious oil is rare and limited in supply, as it only derives from only a small growing area in South Western Morocco. If you’ve never heard of this “Liquid Gold” or have yet to add it to your regimen, chances are you’ll be running out to get some today!HAIR |
Moroccan oil has numerous benefits whether your hair is natural or relaxed, but is essential if you have dry hair. So whether your fro is experiencing a lack of moisture, or your relaxed hair is over processed from heat or perms – your hair will become revitalized. The high percentage of Vitamin E in this oil restores shine while locking in moisture. Antioxidants work to repair the damaged cellular membrane in our hair, therefore aiding in strengthening the hair shaft and promoting elasticity. For those who have color treated hair as I do, Argan oil but be a great treatment to bring back smoothness to our hair and restrengthen the protein bonding in our hair structure.

Moroccan Oil 

Don’t think Argan Oil benefits are only limited to your hair! If you’re seeking to even out your skin tone, rid your skin of blemishes, stretch marks or want to have an overall healthy complexion – this may be the natural remedy you’ve been looking for. Dry and acne prone skin with benefit exponentially from this oil, but it’s said to help with psoriasis and have anti-aging properties as well.

Josie Maran: Whipped Argan Oil Ultra-Hydrating Body Butter

Are your nails dry, brittle and constantly breaking? Try soaking them in Pure Argan Oil which will also make your cuticles soft and more manageable.

Want to purchase 100% Pure Argan Oil?
Use it as you wish to create your own mixtures or use it in this form for your hair, skin and nails.

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