Get Glowing Skin + Beautiful Hair with BENTONITE CLAY

I’m slowly but surely crossing items off my 2012 skincare and haircare list. One of my must haves for The New Year is Bentonite Clay! Anyone who knows me is well aware of my need to get a bang for my buck, and this product doesn’t disappoint as it’s both inexpensive and can be used for multiple purposes. Let us count the ways:
Body Wrap |
I remember being in skincare class and being so disappointed when I learned that body wraps weren’t part of the basic curriculum (unless I wanted to pay an extra couple bucks for a separate class of course). There are numerous benefits to body wraps including tightening the skin, detox for the skin, improving circulation and clearing up blemishes. This particular clay is said to aid in glowing skin and improving skin tone in addition to a few other things.
For The Hair |
If you’re looking for a natural way of clarifying your without using shampoo – you may want to try this. This hair mask nourishes the follicles, softens the hair so you can detangle with no problem while your hair is wet (that way you won’t have tons of hair in your comb when you’re done), gives hair sheen, draws out oils, dirt, dead skin cells and product buildup and may enhance your natural curl pattern (if your hair isn’t relaxed or naturally straight). A few ladies have even said that it has given their hair more body.
Face Mask |
Just as it pulls toxins out of the hair, it does the same for skin and will improve acne blemishes. It’s said that this clay reduces pore size and will improve the overall texture and look of your skin no matter what your skin type.

Find This Product Here:
Trader Joe’s
Whole Foods
Vitamin Shoppe
Various Online Sites


2 thoughts on “Get Glowing Skin + Beautiful Hair with BENTONITE CLAY

  1. Anonymous

    I started using bentonite clay about 2 weeks ago. I have had pretty bad acne on my chin for 2 years and no matter what I put on it it wouldn't clear up. When I started doing the clay masks every other day, at first it got worse, but by the 3rd time it started clearing up. 2 weeks later I don't have a single pimple on my chin!! It is completely clear. Try it it works!!!


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