New Product Added To My Regimen: VATIKA OIL

Whether you’re Black, White, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Relaxed or Natural – chances are you’ll be able to benefit from Vatika Oil. In my attempt to add use more ayervedic products, I finally purchased this oil after years of hearing about it and it’s benefits. With my hair susceptible to dryness, my main reason for trying the Vatika Oil is to seal my hair and possibly use it as a hot oil treatment among other things. A coconut oil infused with numerous herbs, it penetrates the hair shaft and is said to aid in hair growth, repairing damaged hair, add shine, and of course making hair more manageable as it moisturizes the hair. Vatika Oil is also great to rub into your hands before you take down your twists or braids. I’ve only begun using this oil since the beginning of this week, so I’m still playing around with it to figure out how much my hair needs and in what way. While I continue to use it to eventually share my personal findings with you, here is a little more information:
Ingredient + Benefit Breakdown
Henna – colorant, hair conditioner & restorative
Amla – hair nourishment, delays graying & hair fall
Harad – protects from UV rays, delays graying
Bahera – maintains hair color
Neem – anti-microbial, fights dandruff & hair fall
Brahmi – hair vitalizer
Kapur Kachari – antiseptic
Lemon Oil – astringent, fights dandruff
Coconut Oil – promotes hair growth & nourishment
  Cow’s Milk – natural nourishment for scalp & rootsfollow me on twitter | my child loss blog


6 thoughts on “New Product Added To My Regimen: VATIKA OIL

  1. Anonymous

    i have always used Henna (does not colour hair)for hair treament and it works well especially for weak hair as it strenghtens it. Castor oil is good for growth as well -Pendo


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