When My Fro Is Fed Up

This was a long time coming.
I haven’t been detangling the way I’m supposed to and I paid for it.
After wearing my hair in a bun for the past two weeks to ignore the issues, I finally faced Eartha (that’s what my cousin named my fro) head on earlier this week. Parts of my hair felt like it was locking up on me, so I figured I had the following options:
1. Dread up
2. Shave my head and start all over
3. Sit for hours to slowly and gently untangle my hair and promise myself not to let this happen again
I chose option 3…and man did it take aaaalllll dddaayyy. Talk about lesson learned. It took me about an hour or two to detangle – then I parted it in 4 and washed and conditioned in section by section – followed by a little more detangling – then I sealed with vatika oil and twisted everything up. Lord have mercy. Sadly, I lost a lot of hair in the process, but I haven’t seen any hair in my comb since.
I’m thinking of having my aunt blow dry it for me when I go back down to Florida again give me a trim so I can start fresh for The New Year. Hopefully I can stick to my hair resolutions so I don’t find myself in this position again.

2 thoughts on “When My Fro Is Fed Up

  1. Sn3akrFr3akr

    I made a similar snafu a few weeks ago. Hence the wig on my head, lol. I'm going to wash and braid it up tomorrow. Trying to get my length back!

    P.S. Hurry up and get here. That is all.


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