My First Experience With Bentonite Clay Hair Mask Treatment

After months of wanting to try Bentonite Clay on my hair, I finally got my hands on some after a much needed trip to The Vitamin Shoppe. I was long overdue for a wash, so this was the perfect time to test it out. Here are all the products that I used yesterday – the list was long:
The night before I did a pre-poo of sorts with Vatika Oil { read my post on it here }. I don’t think I’ll be using it for sealing anymore, but I feel it would be great to dampen my hair with and sleep with a shower cap on overnight (it worked better this way for my hair). My goal for leaving it in overnight was so that my hair could soak up as much moisture as possible, since some of my issues are dryness and lack of shine.
My treatment consisted of the following:

Bentonite Clay |

This is a natural way of clarifying the hair as most shampoo’s contain harmful sulfates that typically dry out hair. This hair mask nourishes (and strengthens) the follicles, softens the hair so you can detangle with no problem while your hair is wet (that way you won’t have tons of hair in your comb when you’re done), gives hair sheen, draws out oils, dirt, dead skin cells and product buildup and may enhance your natural curl pattern (if your hair isn’t relaxed or naturally straight). A few ladies have even said that it has given their hair more body. { read my entire post on the clay here }
Apple Cider Vinegar |
This gently removes product buildup, excess sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells due to the acetic acid. Apple Cider Vinegar is also great for beneficial for nourishing the follicles, and strengthening hair at the roots. It also aides in treating dandruff.
Honey |
Since my hair is often dry, honey was a must for me to put in my mixture. It’s a natural humectant, meaning that it holds in water molecules. It also aides in making hair more shiny and smooth.
Once I got my mixture to a comfortable consistency, I then applied it to my hair section by section while simultaneously getting it all over my floor – lol. I mean seriously, what a mess I caused…I got it everywhere and on everything.
Keep the mixture on for 20-30 minutes, ideally you shouldn’t allow it to dry on your hair. It made my scalp feel very cool while I was letting it sit. After cleaning up the disaster area I created in my kitchen, I washed my hair out with cool water and could instantly feel the softness. It was even a little shiny!
I hopped in the shower and washed out any excess product with Giovanni Direct-Leave In Conditioner. Once any sign of the product was gone, I did put it back in my hair to serve it’s purpose as a leave in. Afterwards, I sealed my hair with Jojoba Oil and used my trusty Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to do a twist out.
Though this is only my first time using this product, I think I’m ready to profess my love. Already I’ve noticed softness, shine and an enhancement of my curl pattern. Because my hair was so soft after using it, I didn’t loose any hair because I didn’t have to fight with it. With my hair not being a fan of the cold, I plan on doing this treatment once every other week for now to combat my dryness and the elements. Perhaps I may cut it down to once a month during the summer.
I can’t wait to use the Bentonite Clay as a face mask! I’m looking forward to sharing that with you as well 🙂
***EDIT: I forgot to include something VERY important. DO NOT mix with any metal utensils or  have your mixture in a metal container, it will have a negative effect on the properties of your clay***

8 thoughts on “My First Experience With Bentonite Clay Hair Mask Treatment


    I want to try this. For my natural hair I bought that Shear Moisture but I got the black tea one and they have a mask which I've been loving. I also started using coconut oil in my hair and it makes it so soft.


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