Let Me Dream In One Piece

Gone are the days when wearing a one piece swimsuit meant looking unfashionable and frumpy. These days, designers are creating couture like designs whether your splashing around in the water or just sipping cocktails at a Vegas style pool party. I for one have always appreciated the one piece, as I tend to be a bit more modest. I know we’re in the beginning of February, and summer is nowhere near (especially if you live in the Northeast like I do), but a girl can dream, can’t she? Besides, I may have a few trips lined up that will require me to make a new swimsuit purchase. Here’s some inspiration (translation: things I can’t afford but are pretty to look at) that caught my eye:
What’s your swimwear style?
One piece?
Hiding in t-shirts and shorts?
all photos via net-a-porter

7 thoughts on “Let Me Dream In One Piece

  1. Yum Yucky

    gone are my days of hiding under a big tee at the beach. I'll definitely be in a two-piece this year, but these classy looks you've posted here, I need to be getting something like that, too. I love these designs!

  2. Pendo

    i tend to be very curvy so i do one pieces and tankinis am loving the new designs on one pieces…very fashionable


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