Flats On Flats On Flats !!!

I’m glad to be back in a climate where I can wear sandals just about all year round again. My sandals tend to be alot! Animal print, jewels, feathers – even all at once! When it’s super hot outside, I tend to wear cool and comfortable basics which would make for an otherwise boring outfit if it weren’t for a statement on my feet. Bakers is one of my favorite places to pick up funky sandals that seem to last a lifetime without breaking the bank. I’m hoping to make a trip soon to purchase atleast one of the above items.
what’s your sandal style?

4 thoughts on “Flats On Flats On Flats !!!

  1. Jin

    I love rainbow flip flops…they are far from being stylish but are super comfortable. I do like the sandals in the middle though 🙂

  2. Authentically U

    First of all, your title is hilarious! But to answer the question, I typically like sandals with bling and a heel. I like bright colors too. But most importantly, comfort is essential.


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