Hair Length Retention & Protective Style Ideas

In the beginning of my healthy hair quest, I use to often ask myself, “how can I make my hair grow faster and longer?”. What I’ve come to learn, is the key to longer hair is maintaining the ends of your hair. Hair grows from the root, so if you protect the ends from breakage and splits, you’ll see the growth.Does your hair seem to be stuck at one length? I know that feeling. Some of us have to work a little harder at growing our hair longer, but it can be done! In my personal hair journey, protective styling has been key. The more I leave my hair alone – the more length I see over time. Kimmaytube is a huge advocate for protective styling. Until I finally took heed to her advice, my hair would always break at a certain length each and every time – without fail.

Whether you’re relaxed or natural, protective styles (putting away the ends of your hair) and low manipulation can be a main factor in unlocking your hair growth.
Protective Style Ideas |
Buns or Chignons: I go through phases with my protective styling because I tend to get bored. Buns are my thing right now and there are so many styles to try! With your hair in this style, your ends are completely put away. This style can last for days when protected correctly at night.
Wigs: This is the route I go most of the time, because I like that my hair is covered, but then I can take it off at night and let my scalp breathe.
Sew In Weaves: Of course, be careful your stylist doesn’t braid your hair too tight as that will cause you to loose your edges. If possible have your hair sewn in with silk thread instead of cotton.
Phony Pony: …but make sure your hair isn’t too tight
Braidouts & Twistouts: These are great styles as long as you’re not over manipulating your hair too much by braiding or twisting every single night.Sometimes I style my hair while it’s in Twists as to have as low amount of manipulation as possible {see this post}

Braids & Cornrows Making sure these styles aren’t too tight is essential
Protective Styling is only one part of maintaining length and over all healthy hair. I’m not a certified expert or anything but I hope to continue sharing what I’ve learned along with you, in hopes that it may make your hair journey a little easier.

2 thoughts on “Hair Length Retention & Protective Style Ideas

  1. Jin

    thanks for the info Love!! I'm seriously on a mission to grow my hair. Lately, I've been doing a wash and go and pulling it up into a phony pony and wearing it that way for about five days at a time. each morning I spray water and add a little oil to my edges and ends. Basically, I'm just trying not to tug, pull, and manipulate my hair everyday….I'm thinking about getting braids or a sew-in for the summer.

    anyhow, how are things in FL? and the job search?


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