Curlbox Meet-Up with Founder Myleik Teele

Myleik Teele, founder of Curlbox and I
I was elated when I received an email from Curlbox informing us their founder Myleik Teele would be in Miami, and was planning to do a meet-up! I was even more excited when I realized we’d be meeting at the famed Fountainebleau – I will take any reason to go there 🙂 Myleik’s work ethic, intensity for business and passion for Curlbox can be felt through her social media platforms, so I knew nothing was going to stand in the way of me attending the meet-up. I’m always inspired by Black women who have taken the road to entrepreneurship as I have always aspired to do the same.
I posted about this company back in November when they had just a landing page for those who were interested to sign up for updates. Once the full site was launched and memberships opened up, it sold out within minutes – and it continues to happen every time Myleik opens the membership to new members. I’m one of the unlucky souls that keeps missing the openings ((sigh)) but please believe, I will have my membership sooner rather than later – I’m not giving up, lol! Nonetheless, I tell EVERYONE about Curlbox and have had the please of interacting with Myleik through twitter and instagram over the last few months.
With Myleik Teele at Curlbox Meet-Up, Fountainebleau Miami Beach – Thursday April 19, 2012
[ there were quite a few more ladies in attendance, but had to exit before I remembered to take a picture ]
Over drinks, Myleik gave us insight on everything from Curlbox, to dating, business, book recommendations, hair and more. Anything and everything was discussed – no question was unanswered or off limits. We were in an intimate environment that felt more like hanging out with your cooler and very successful big sister who was schooling you on life. Ms Teele gave it to us straight – not an ounce of sugar coating, and we ate up every minute of it. She has a huge, animated personality that had us cracking up throughout our conversations.
Curlbox founder Myliek Teele & Kim
There were some amazing ladies in attendance including the gorgeous Shana of Ily Beauty Co. and the ladies of Natural In The Sun.
Myleik Teele & Cousin Kim
Kim and I left the meet-up beyond inspired and motivated! We’re ready turn the ideas we have in our heads, into lucrative businesses! Being fearless was a big topic of the night and something that especially hit home for me. However, after talking with Myleik and seeing how an idea she came up with only last August has already translated in a successful business – I’m ready to run towards my fears & conquer them! I also learned to ask for things. I know that sounds simple lol, but if you’re shy like I am, or have a fear of rejection – it can certainly be a hinderance.

For those of you lucky enough to have a Curlbox subscription, please know this woman goes HARD for you! Perfect example, the fact that she wakes up at 3am and starts answering customer emails. She sacrifices a lot to make sure this company is at it’s best and to make sure that cosmetics companies realize that we are the group that spends the most on hair and beauty products but aren’t being catered to. Curlbox is not just a subscription service, it’s a movement – wait till you see what’s in store!

Thank you so much Myliek for your insight & advice!
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