Easy Breezy

Another Friday is upon is ladies! ((insert happy dance here)) I wanted to share the outfit I wore to the Curlbox meet up last night. You know me, I like to be comfortable above anything else, so I opted for a basic tank and a pair of shorts I’ve been wearing just about everyday this week, lol…which I stole from my mom by the way. I found this kimono-type situation in Forever 21 yesterday and had to have it, though I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it at first. After some experimentation, I was able to throw this together. I got a few compliments from some gorgeous and stylish gals at the meet-up, so I guess I did ok. Although, at one point everyone mistakenly thought I was wearing a dress (because of how it appeared when I was sitting) and thought I was accidental showing “my box” lol. Once I stood up and showed it wasn’t a dress, the shorts and all that, it made sense. But we did have quite the laugh, lol.
Another funny story about yesterday!!! While we were in Miami Beach on the way to the meet up, we see a car being followed by a police car that had it’s lights flashing. Naturally, we figured the cop was trying to pull over this guy, but he wasn’t stopping. I thought, “wow, this is worst slow speed chase ever”. We couldn’t figure out for the life of us why this guy wasn’t stopping even though he was clearly being followed and being signaled to pull over. We get to stop light and I’m like “yea, the cop is gonna come out his car, guns blazing!!!”. Then we see the car break a red light to make a u-turn…how crazy is this person? He’s ready to die! The car makes the u-turn and the driver looks right at us – it’s friggin’ Mark Wahlberg! Turns out the cop was his escort. Ladies, this man looked like a Ken doll – he looks perfect!!! His hair was amazing, he was tanned and glowing, his sunnies were hot – I mean…out of control…seriously! Very random.
Remember the Beetle Ring I posted about on my Topshop Birthday List? I found a replica at Forever 21 !!! At a much better price by the way! I kept scaring my aunt with it while I was waiting for Kim to get dressed, lol.
Necklace | Tear Drop Necklace – Forever 21
Kimono (?…maybe) | Forever 21
Basic Tank | Forever 21 – only $2.80 ladies!!!
Belt | Forever 21
Shorts | Nine West uuuummm…when did Nine West start making clothes? I was so confused
Shoes | Dollhouse

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