Pretty Things To Sleep In

Please tell me I’m not the only woman who looks like a homeless person when I go bed. To be honest, I usually go to bed in my husbands clothes – his tshirts, his boxers, my old sweatpants and any random piece of comfy clothing that I can find. I’m not alone right?
I’d like to make it a point to go shopping for cute sleepwear…and I’m sure the Husband will appreciate this. I’ve always thought these things were a waste of time, but my mind is starting to change. I may not be able to afford any fancy silk things, or shop at La Perla at this stage in the game, but even stores like Target have a few items that can suffice. The following items are not from Target, but they did catch my eye :
1. Elle Macpherson Intimates Maria stretch silk-satin playsuit
2. Eberjey Cat’s Meow cotton-blend playsuit
3. Stella McCartney Sam Partying scalloped stretch silk-satin playsuit
4. Juicy Couture Striped cotton-blend jersey nightdress
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[ images via net a porter ]

4 thoughts on “Pretty Things To Sleep In

  1. bananas.

    you are SO not the only women who dresses like a homeless person…right now i'm rockin' a dirty t-shirt and shorts. sexxay!

    i'd much rather be in nighty number two.


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