HABIBI Vanilla & Rose Water Body Balm Review

I’ve wasted no time diving head first into this months Curlbox goodies! First up was the Habibi Vanilla & Rose Body Balm. I’m currently in the process of incorporating more natural product into my skincare routine, so this was right on time. With uncomplicated ingredients such as organic raw shea butter, organic raw honey and certified organic argan oil, I knew I was in for a treat.
Scent | My husband has become obsessed with sniffing me now, lol. With organic essential lavender as one of the scents, there is no need for any additional fragrance. After showing him this new product, he’s requesting that I now wear this everyday, lol. Though the scent is noticeable, it’s not over-bearing.
Ingredients | Organic Raw Shea Butter, Certified Organic Argan Oil, Organic Black Currant Seed Oil, Organic Camellia Seed Oil, Rosewater, Organic Essential Lavender, Organic Essential Chamomile, Organic Essential Neroli, Rose Absolute, Organic Essential Sandalwood, Green Tea, Organic Raw Honey, Vitamin E – no fuss and straight forward – I love it!
Safety | Containing mostly organic products, there are no parabens or unsafe filler ingredients to bring us harm
Moisture | My skin is left extremely supple after applying this body balm! Incredible!
Texture | (disclaimer: this is not necessarily a bad thing, just a slight issue for me personally)  Because of the raw shea butter, this product is extremely thick and a little hard to spread. This to be expected because of the rich ingredients, but this is an amazing product nonetheless.
Overall, I’m quite impressed with Habibi’s Vanilla & Rose Body Balm and will more than likely purchase it myself once this container is done. Between the ingredients, fragrance and how moist it makes my skin feel, I’m looking forward to making it a permanent fixture in arsenal of beauty products.

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7 thoughts on “HABIBI Vanilla & Rose Water Body Balm Review

  1. Shahada Karim

    I am so happy that you like the Vanilla & Rose Body Balm! I understand your concerns about the texture… it IS thick. We like for it to really 'stick' to the wearer.
    We do recommend that you use only as much as you need, because a little goes a long way! Enjoy it in good health. Thanks for your honest review!

  2. Lovely Leslie @Ijust_lovethis

    I too got this in my curlbox and just got around to using this today. Luscious isn't it!? Not only is my husband sniffing me but I keep smelling myself.lol Both vanilla and rose are two of my favorite sce
    nts combined with shea and honey, it's the perfect blend! I'm was wondering once I stepped out was it going to attract mosquitoes too.Luckily it didn't . I appreciate you and your product review! Keep feeling and smelling good!


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