Whether your hair is relaxed or natural, most of us aren’t fans of hair on our shoulders during the warmer months. A fun style to try this summer is the headband braid – it’s quick, simple and can also serve as a protective style.
Step 1 // Part your hair into 3 sections – two towards the front with the biggest section in the back
Step 2 // The back section of your hair can then be styled into a cute bun
Step 3 // Braid one of the front sections into a loose braid and then secure with an elastic Repeat with the other side
Step 4 // Take the ends of the braids and crisscross them on top of your head. Make sure to leave a few inches back from the hairline,
Step 5 // Pin the braids down with bobby pins [ tip: make sure to crisscross the pins for extra security ]

will you be trying headband braids this summer?

[inspiration boards & graphics by // images via google images]



3 thoughts on “Try This // HEADBAND BRAID

  1. Miya @ Design Indulgences

    I dont usually like braid styles that resembles halos but I love the way the woman opposite zoe looks. I think hair on my neck in summer isn't the problem, for me it's hair on my face which is how I always wear it. I'd probably wear the back section down when I give this a try.


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