All Braided Up Using Nutress Foam Wrap Lotion

Thank goodness for cousins who can braid! Kimi came over and hooked me up, based on a similar style I saw on Instagram. I’d been trying to catch her for a while, but if you read her blog or know her personally, the kid is a jet setter and is always on a flight somewhere (lucky her).
She achieved the curls on the top by using flexi rods, setting my hair with the  Nutress Foam Wrap Lotion that I received in my June 2012 Curlbox. Having been walking around looking like a total and utter disaster lately, I must admit I had sudden boost of confidence today, lol.
I think I’ll be getting my hair braided more often this summer, as it requires less maintenance – that’s what I’m about right now! I’ve been seeing so many ladies switch it up for the summer with fun colors and cuts, but I’m not that adventurous this year.
Have you switched up your hair style for summer?

4 thoughts on “All Braided Up Using Nutress Foam Wrap Lotion

  1. Kimani Fisher

    About time you let me do you up, woman! You know when I'm home I'm always available for you – use me!! i love the way the twists came out, and I can't wait to try out the next style. I think you pulled me out of braiding retirement, lol


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