Cheetah Casual @ 15 Weeks

Necklace: from Kimi // Tee: Liz Lange Maternity // Pants: Motherhood Maternity // Loafers: Yoki
Here’s a super casual outfit I wore to Wednesday afternoon prayer at my church today, followed by a visit to my aunt. I went on a little maternity haul at Target earlier this week after growing out of most my tops quicker than expected. I completly forgot what a magical place Target is. I used to live in these pants when I was pregnant with Jolie! It was one of the items I refused to give up post baby until my Big Sis checked me about it, lol. These loafers are my current favorite things in life. They’re so comfortable and the cheetah print always helps to make an otherwise boring outfit a little more interesting.

2 thoughts on “Cheetah Casual @ 15 Weeks

  1. Isis04

    Hi Jin,

    Glad to hear all is well–you're looking great, btw!

    I'm also glad to hear that you decided on the injections; if it were me, I would want to do all I could do, and leave the rest up to G-d.

    You take care, and I'll drop in again soon. I love those loafers, too! I love animal prints, just as long they don't come from the actual animal!

    Take care and G-d bless.


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