Never Blue In Mustard

Necklace: Forever 21 // Tanks: Mossimo // Blouse: Everblue Casual
Maxi Skirt: xhilaration // Sandals: Bamboo // Lacquer: Blue Ming by Color Club
Another Monday is upon us! I hope you’ve all had an eventful weekend. The Husband and I went to see “The Watch” which I found quite hilarious (I love Johah Hill) and grabbed a bite to eat. The resturant we chose for dinner was super packed upon our arrival but preggo was starving and a little tired. We ended up asking if we could take the food to go, and ate in bed while watching another movie on Netflix, lol.
Yesterday was church as usual, and this is the outfit I threw together for service. It’s getting a little harder to find things in my closet that fit, but I’m trying to make due before I start buying too many things for myself. I did purchase a few maternity tees and I already have a few bottoms from the last pregnancy, so I’m trying to make what I have work for as long as possible. I’ve been living in this skirt since I got it from Target  few days ago, I may even wear it as a dress at some point. It’s so comfortable – I’m tempted to go back and purchase it in every available color.
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8 thoughts on “Never Blue In Mustard

  1. Toot

    Hey Jin, I love the outfit but you know what….I LOVE the baby bump even more. I'm so happy for you girl (if I haven't said it enough)!

    Smooches hun and happy Monday!

  2. Andrea

    I love that you have put together such a stylish maternity outfit that doesn't look like a tent. I just hate so many maternity clothes for that reason! Love the Color Club polish you chose for your mani/pedi too! How cute you look! I wish I had looked so fabulous when I was pregnant! 🙂


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