Rise & Shine by Sinful Colors Professional

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to share some lacquer love with you due to my nail polish smell aversion (the agony). Nowadays I only paint my nails if I have somewhere important to go, and typically walk around with chipped nails thereafter as the remover makes me feel sick as well. For our weekend trip, my mom picked up a bottle of “Rise & Shine” by Sinful Colors. I typically purchase these polishes for only .99 cents and they’re pretty good for the money. If you like to change your color every few days or so, this is certainly an affordable option. It certainly worked well for the seaside motif of this past weekend.

3 thoughts on “Rise & Shine by Sinful Colors Professional

  1. Ro

    i have a love hate relationship with Sinful Colors..I love their colors..hate the application 🙂
    Cute color chick…
    How are you and 2.0 doing??

  2. JIN @ Love,Loss + Lacquer

    Same here! I find that it bubbles sometimes – but for 99 cents, I can't complain. Some colors seem to work better than others – this one was pretty good for the price.

    2.0 and I are doing great! Will post an update soon – I hope you and Bean are doing great 🙂


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