Rain Encounters

heading out to stock up on supplies before Issac officially arrived.
Today is a gloomy day in my neck of the woods, as we’ve been dealing with Tropical Storm Issac. Nothing too crazy, just continuously heavy rain. We lost power for a little while but thankfully it was resolved quickly.I wasn’t motivated to do much but sleep this weekend, since we couldn’t go out do. However, I did have a craving for Denny’s Club Sandwich yesterday, and I’m ashamed to say that couldn’t help but to get out the house and pick it up once I found out they were open. I’m definitely fortunate to have a husband who is willing to brave the heavy rain and winds to get his pregnant wife a sandwich. God Bless him 🙂
Fashion wise, I was a little excited that I had the opportunity to break out my rain boots. I loved wearing them in the snow and slush in New York, but the usually Sunny South Florida hadn’t given me a chance till now. Rain boots  are perfect for navigating in the rain without worrying that you’ll ruin a great pair of shoes in the puddles or mud. I love that there are so many great styles out there – you can definitely make a statement on your feet with a stylish pair:

Do you have a pair of rain boots?

PS:: If Issac is currently in your path or headed in your direction, please stay safe out there. 
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