I’ve been having a lazy summer. As much as I love my curls, the last thing I’ve wanted to do these past few weeks is style my hair. I’ve been dreaming about a high bun for a while, but my hair isn’t at the length where I can achieve the style that I truly wanted. After some youtube and instagram inspiration, I used a pack of Kanekalon hair that I had to create my bun. Whether you’re relaxed or natural, this a great style to give your hair a break from daily manipulation and to protect your ends. Achieving this style is cheap, quick and easy! Here’s how:
Step 1 // Brush your hair into the height where you’d like your bun to me. I usually put mine at the top of my crown.
Step 2 // I use Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel to smooth my curls down so that they lay as flat as possible. I rarely use gel in my hair, but if I have to, this is the only one that I’ll use – can’t beat the price either. After applying some of the gel, I use the brush to smooth my hair even more while continuing to brush it in the direction of where I want my bun to sit.
Step 3 // Grab your hair into a ponytail using an Ouchless Hair Band. Before securing the ends of my hair, I apply some jojoba oil since the faux bun hair is synthetic. It’s important to keep the ends of your hair moisturized at all times.
  • Note: Make sure you’re not pulling too hard on your edges while securing your pony tail. You don’t want to run the risk of thinning our your hairline due to tight pony tails. This is supposed to be a protective style after all. 

Step 4 // Remove the hair from the pack but be sure to leave on the rubber band that holds the hair in the middle. Place the braiding hair at the back of your bun, and start pinning it down to hold it in place. Once the braiding hair is secure, you can play and style it the way you want using the pins to secure your bun the way you want. The best part is that even if it doesn’t come out super neat, you’ll still have a fun “messy bun” look. Make sure you add enough pins to make sure that your bun isn’t going anywhere – you don’t want any embarrassing mishaps 🙂

This style should take you 5 – 10 minutes…if that long

MAINTENANCE // Make sure that you tie your hair down at night to keep your hair laying smooth. If you do find your hair falling out of place, you can always apply a little more gel and brush your hair back into place. Most importantly, don’t wear your ponytail in the same spot for more than five days at a time, as that may cause thinning in that area.

Should your hair start to get a little out of control after a few days but your bun is still intact, you can always tie a pretty scarf around your head – like I did HERE. If you want some ideas on how to tie your scarf, there’s always good ol’ youtube.

WHERE TO BUY // All the above products can be found at your local beauty supply – the braiding hair costs $1.50 or less per pack (depending on where you live). Besides the hair, everything else can also be found at your local drugstore.

Have fun!
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