Week 25

Scarf used as Turban: Love Culture | Necklace: Forever 21 | Bolero: Love Culture | Tank: Hanes | Pants: Loved by Heidi Klum | Shoes: Yoki
I really tried some of those serious blogger faces…but it wasn’t working out. Besides, I’m just getting more and more excited as each week passes, so my faces looks like this pretty much all the time. I wore this outfit to pick up my sister from school and get my business cards printed. As I continue to have less clothes available in my wardrobe that continue to grow with me, I go for comfort first while hoping to look decent. All these items are simple basics pulled together by my everyday cheetah loafers and turban, the only maternity item being the pants. While I’m not big on maternity clothes, pants are a necessary as you need the extra room in the belly area. I actually really love these pants which I purchased while pregnant with Jolie and continued to wear before Grey even came along.
On the pregnancy front, everything seems to be going great. I can’t believe I’m almost entering the third trimester. Grey is kicking up a storm and even refused to cooperate with the ultrasound tech during his Fetal Echocardiogram Test this week. While this ultrasound is one to check for heart defects in fetus’ of high risk pregnancies, Grey managed to somehow to maneuver himself in a position to flash his private parts to the poor lady, lol. She kept joking that my son was a fiesty one and that he was winning the battle. After tracking him down, and having to move me around to try to find him, it was determined that his heart looks great. Thank you Jesus!

5 thoughts on “Week 25

  1. Pendo

    awww you look real pretty i am loving the headwrap/scarf/turban:) Gear yourselves up for a little footballer in the making with all the movement around lol they say boys are most active even in the womb seems true

  2. Jin

    Jin, you are so frickin' cute. I'm totally diggin' your head scarf…I want one but I'm afraid that I will look like Aunt Jemima lol.
    Congrats to making it to week 25 AND I love the name Grey 🙂

    jin #1

  3. Mrs. EnJ

    GORGE! Don't worry about the weight gain Love. I gained a total of 9… Yes, NINE, pounds when I had Kaevon, then a whopping 21 with Kamryn. As long as that heart is growing and beating, it's all good!

    Sending my weekly love <3


  4. JIN @ Love,Loss + Lacquer

    Pendo: Thank you…yea this kid is allllllll over the place lol

    JIN #1: You won't look like Aunt Jemima, I promise lol. I'm sure you have some cute scarves around…if I can make it work, you definitely can lol

    ERICA: 9 and 21 pounds? Those are GREAT numbers lol. I'm not going to worry about it, so far I seem to be gaining weight steadily but not too much, hopefully I don't get out of control towards the end lol

  5. CocoBunnii

    Hey Jin. Im new to ur site. CharyJay brought me here! I love her!
    Anyways. I had to come when I found out you were preggy, and thats awesome becuz I am too! This is my second (have a 5yr old) and Im also having a boy! I hope it all goes well! Good luck!


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