My CIRQUE DU BEBE Shower Overview

To be quite honest, the theme of this baby shower was no brainer for me. I’d spotted this CIRQUE DU BEBE (French Circus) theme on Hostess With The Mostess last year when I was planning Jolie’s shower. Though I wasn’t able to have anything become of that initial plan, the theme still stood out to me this year. I just love the colors and the fact that theme doesn’t necessarily scream “baby”. Between all the inspiration on HWTM and the free printables from the site, I just had to finally bring this initial vision I had for myself to fruition.
I initially planned on having a shower completely different than what I actually had. It was to be a night time event with a dj at a completely different venue. Unfortunately, the price that venue was trying to charge me was ridiculous for what I was getting and totally unfair. I figured if I’m going to have to spend my money, I might as well have exactly what I want. In addition to that, my husband and I decided that we needed to have a venue that would pretty much take cake of everything for us – catering, already having table & chairs, etc. Between his and my moms works schedules and me just having all types of medical issue this pregnancy, no one wanted the stress on me since I was on my own as far as planning.
Since I was now going to do a venue where I had to pay per person, I decided on a lunch time event as that is always cheaper than dinner [ tip ] . I tried my wedding venue but unfortunately they weren’t available for Sunday afternoons. I then thought of another venue I’d visited during my wedding venue search, The Addison in Boca Raton. I was quite sure my family was going to give me the side eye on this choice (because it’s quite high brow for a baby shower after all) but surprisingly everyone was on board. My mom did tease me a bit asking if it’s ever possible for me to not do it big, lol…I guess not mom. After visiting the new room where my shower was to be held (which has just finished being built) and collaborating on a fun custom menu that suited my theme, no where else seemed up to par.
There was no question that everything was going to be outstanding and far exceed my expectations. The event planners were incredible during the planning process and the staff at the actual event were remarkable. They helped with everything from unloading the car, to wrapping gifts, helping us set up, loading all all the presents in the car, and just anything that needed to be done. Our guests were treated to free valet service, although hilariously enough, one person didn’t get the memo and decided to park the car himself lol.
I can’t say enough about The Addison, except that I’m trying to find an excuse to have another event there.
Since opting for a more laid back afternoon event, we skipped the DJ thing and had Cousin Kim create a playlist. A staff member was able to assist her in setting up and we had soothing background music in no time.
There are many more shower recaps to come where I’ll go into more detail and provide links to my vendors and ideas. Expect post breakdowns on the food, decor, games, DIY’s and much more this week. The laptop issue seems to be fixed so keeping stopping by for more! And as always, if you have any specific questions – please feel free to ask 🙂



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