Hair Of The Day: BANTU KNOTS (11.25.12)

…so I’m obsessed with bantu knots at the moment. I’m not always looking for super tight curls or lots of definition, so this technique that I’ve perfected is working well for me. I use the Tropical Roots Twist Cream to redo them in big chunky knots at night time and unravel them in the mornings. I never thought the day would come when I’d walk and my hair would bounce like the women in commercials, but it’s happening and I’m in love.
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3 thoughts on “Hair Of The Day: BANTU KNOTS (11.25.12)

  1. Jin

    your bantu knots turned out great! Did you style your hair while it was wet or dry? I've been rocking bantu knots for a couple weeks now.

  2. Kimani Fisher

    You know knot-outs are my thug thizzle. I've been so caught up in the game that I haven't been able to style my hair much. Yours came out awesome! I can't wait to get my length back so I can match your swag.


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