Closet Revamp Time (2012 style re-visit)

I know we’re a couple weeks well into the first month of the 2013 and we’re over the “Happy New Year” thing, but I couldn’t help but to have a gander at 2012…my style in particular. Since I was pregnant for most of the year, my main concern was comfort and accommodating my growing belly while trying to stay as true to myself as possible. This is also my current goal and things go back into place and heal properly. I missed out on quite a few trends last year, but I’m looking forward to playing catch up as I’m now in the process of revamping my wardrobe. I always like to re-evaluate my closet at the top of the year…I throw out some items, donate others and make note of new essentials that I need to purchase. One thing I notice from the photos that will keep going into this year, is my love for bright colors and a good print. Hence there should be no surprise that I for sure have my eyes locked and loaded on Prabal Gurung’s Collection for Target! Are you as excited about it as I am?
Are you looking to tweek anything 
about your style in 2013?



One thought on “Closet Revamp Time (2012 style re-visit)

  1. jewel

    at the beginning of the year, I decided not to do a year in review of my outfit posts. So this year, I'm really excited about my blog and documenting my looks along the way so I can look back next year. My style changes so often and some things remain the same, so I'd definitely like to see how my style evolve. ps. Congratulations to you on your new bundle of joy! xo-


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