…Now Twirl !!! Twirl !!!

Kimono thingy ma jig: Forever 21 // Tee: Liz Lange Maternity // Necklace: Forever 21 // Jeans: Angel // Sandals: Bamboo
Motherhood is certainly a beautiful thing, but I definitely feel robbed of my sexy. You know what I mean? On a day to day I’m home wearing tank tops with spit up all over it and more than likely a pair of my husbands basketball shorts – not cute. If my cousin wasn’t gracious enough to braid my hair for me, my afro would be looking like God knows what! I really do try to put myself together when I leave the house though, even putting on a full face of make up for doctors appointments – just to make myself feel good. More importantly to look like a fully functioning human being. Funny enough, yesterday Chanell (who had her little one two days before me) emailed me this hilarious link about things that happen to you after giving birth that no one tells you. I sent it over to another friend who is about to have her first baby and now she’s terrified, lol. In any case though, the floppy belly and horrid stretch marks were totally worth it! My son is everything! While I work on fixing those physical issues, I’m just going to continue to play “Gone With The Wind Fabulous” in my head on a daily basis and continue to twirl in hopes of distracting on lookers from my belly…and wear Spanx sometimes…

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3 thoughts on “…Now Twirl !!! Twirl !!!

  1. Camile

    I took some time to go through your whole blog timeline and I must say you look so happy now! I know there are still things to work out but it's just so awesome to see someone come from darkness into the light. I love your story and am so happy for you! Are you still making cupcakes and doing makeup?


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