Cheers To The Weekend

Another Friday is upon us ladies! While you prepare for a weekend of errands, family activities or possibly a quick road trip, here’s a casual but stylish ensemble to keep looking cool and feeling comfortable while you’re out and about. I know for myself personally, I try to keep it cute as possible even on days where my schedule is filled with unglamorous trips to everywhere from Cosco to the car wash. On days like this it’s most important to have a good flat shoe (I especially love loafers) and a decent sized bag to throw everything in – the rest of the outfit is easily “build-able” from there. As always, you know I’m all about pops of color – it can certainly help to brighten the mood when the entire day is filled with not so fun trips around town.


1. TOPSHOP: Moto Premium Indigo Oversize Shirt | 2. STELLA & DOT: Zahara Bib Necklace | 3. TOPSHOP: Moto White Baxter Skinny Jeans | 4. COACH: legacy perforated leather medium candace carryall5. GINGER & LIZ: Ivy League | 6. COACH: catrin woven slipperYou may have heard by now, but Google Reader will spontaneously combust on July 1, 2013. So please head on over to BlogLovin (you can sign up for FREE if you’re not already a member) where you can follow me here. I certainly appreciate your readership and I’d love to make sure that you’re still notified of when I post. Secondly, if you haven’t already LIKE “Love, Loss & Lacquer” on Facebook where I keep you updated on posts as well. Thanks!

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