…the celebration that almost wasn’t

Between being completely immersed in Grey’s party preparations and just being a little disorganized with everything going on, I didn’t get around to planning my birthday outing until the day before. There was even a point on the day of that I thought it wasn’t going to happen. Despite the back and forth, as well as several changes to plan, we were able to stick with our original reservation at Mai Kai. I’ve passed this restaurant a couple times, but after seeing a review on Oh Dear Drea (one of my favorite blogs), it seemed like the perfect place to celebrate! We dined on Polynesian cuisine, and sipped on tropical drinks while watching a fun Polynesian Review (video below). Afterwards, my group of six and I took full advantage of the gardens by having a full on photo shoot. Seriously, for about an hour we stopped and posed for pictures, we’d walk a little, laugh at something and then pose some more, ha! Vanity I tell ya! For a gal who doesn’t get out much these days, I had an amazing time with the girls and couldn’t be happier that I made the decision to let my hair down (literally) and go out. I really appreciated everyone coming out last minute and am so glad that my Big Sis was in town from New York to partake in the festivities!
Necklace: Banana Republic // Vest: Borrowed From Sis (similar) // Dress: Bar III //Shoes: Dollhouse // Bag: Louis Vuitton

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