Grey’s Dedication

My baby boy’s Dedication turned out just the way I planned it for the most part. The cake turned out a little different than what the baker told me it would be and my pastor had to run out of town so the ceremony was performed by his wife (who is a Pastor as well)…but really, everything was great. I’d been planning for weeks – I secured the rentals, bought our outfits, my sister made the balloon creations and the favors once she arrived in town and the guest list was set. Instead of spending money on a venue, I had my moms living and dining area in her house cleared out for the party and my family chipped in by cooking. I also made the last minute decision to hire my friend Trisha to take photos, and with only 3 photos on my cell phone after the whole thing was said and done, that’s one of the best decisions that I made. It was really a family effort and couldn’t have been more grateful for the support and turn out for Baby Grey. As for him, he slept through most of the day and only stayed awake for a few photos and feedings before nodding off again. His Dedication was held on April 7th, which is the exact date last year that my Pastor told me that I was going to be expecting a baby boy soon. I get the chills every time I think about it – God is so good.
Jewelry Set – Earrings & Necklace: Dorothy Perkins , sold out (very similar) // Peplum Dress: Dorothy Perkins, sold out (similar) // Shoes: Brash (similar low) (similar high)




International Hair Meet Up Day Hosted By Naturals In The Sun

Necklace: Wet Seal // Dress: Random Dress From Marshalls // Shoes: Mossimo
This past Saturday was International Hair Meet Up Day, an annual event where women gather around the world in their respective cities to chat about hair, network and learn some new hair techniques. South Florida’s event was hosted by non other than the fabulous ladies of Naturals In The Sun. Held at the Urban League of Broward County, the event featured amazing local vendors including some of my favorite brands, Love Child Essentials and Hey Girlfriend, as well as a head wrap demonstration. By the way, they had an amazing dj! If my legs weren’t so wobbly from Crossfit the day before, I would have had no problem dancing the middle of the room by myself. 

Rochelle aka BlackOnyx77 //  owner & creator of Alikay Naturals

My absolute favorite part of the event however, was the workshop led by Rochelle of Alikay Naturals. She taught us how to create a hair care regimen and broke everything down step by step. While taking notes, I realized a few things that I’ve been doing wrong in my hair care journey, including the fact that at present time I have no real regimen. I’m going to just blame that on motherhood, moving and just the madness that is my life in general…but I need to make it a priority again. This was certainly the most informative workshop I’ve ever attended. 
class about to start
I ran into my girl Lai, who was actually the day of coordinator for my wedding
with my homie dearnatural62…love her!!! look out for some collaborative videos from us this summer
(right) with tamala who made me that amazing diaper creation at my baby shower // (left) with an LL&L reader whose name is totally awesome but I’m going to butcher it if I attempt to spell it! Loved her outfit and she was super nice 🙂

I got to chat with Rochelle briefly as there was a line of ladies eager to meet her. She’s so sweet! I had Grey with me so we mainly chatted about how fast babies grow up, as she is also a mommy to a baby boy. Besides loving all the knowledge that she shared during the workshop, it was very inspiring to see a fellow young Jamaican woman blossoming as an entrepreneur. I’m definitely getting my hands on some Alikay Naturals products as soon as I get my pennies together! That Essential Hair Growth Oil needs to be in my possession!

Carla is just everything! I’m so happy that she was able to make it out to the event so that we could catch up. We met at a Curlbox event last summer and have been chatting on social media ever since, but it was so nice to finally see one other in person so we could hug over and over for five minutes. Hope to see you soon love 🙂
The head wrap demonstration participants
The Ladies of Naturals In The Sun with All Their Helpers & Volunteers
Chanel, Mojo & Fae Love of Naturals In The Sun
I can’t thank the ladies of Naturals In The Sun enough for inviting me out to another fabulous event. You ladies are doing such a great job of putting South Florida on the map! I can’t wait for the 2nd Anniversary Meet Up in September! 
Looking for hair advice or just want to connect with other naturals? Be sure to LIKE Naturals In The Sun and join their facebook group. For more photos from the event be sure to LIKE Love Loss and Lacquer on Facebook

Dated Lace

Sunnies: Rayban Wayfarer // Earrings: Dorothy Perkins (similar) // Necklace: Wet Seal // Chambray: Wet Seal // Dress: Forever 21 (old) similar // Shoes: Brash // Bag:Louis Vuitton

After what feels like forever, Hubby and I were finally able to have a date night last Friday. We headed over to Seasons 52 for dinner and planned to walk on the nearby beach afterwards but we had to get back to Baby Grey. By the way, I haven’t shopped in Wet Seal since high school, but after being stuck in there for an hour with my sister and her friends the other day, I ended up picking up a few reasonable priced items for myself (the necklace and chambray pictured above and this scarf). I had to reward myself for not having a meltdown after an afternoon with five tween girls. Who wouldn’t?

…the celebration that almost wasn’t

Between being completely immersed in Grey’s party preparations and just being a little disorganized with everything going on, I didn’t get around to planning my birthday outing until the day before. There was even a point on the day of that I thought it wasn’t going to happen. Despite the back and forth, as well as several changes to plan, we were able to stick with our original reservation at Mai Kai. I’ve passed this restaurant a couple times, but after seeing a review on Oh Dear Drea (one of my favorite blogs), it seemed like the perfect place to celebrate! We dined on Polynesian cuisine, and sipped on tropical drinks while watching a fun Polynesian Review (video below). Afterwards, my group of six and I took full advantage of the gardens by having a full on photo shoot. Seriously, for about an hour we stopped and posed for pictures, we’d walk a little, laugh at something and then pose some more, ha! Vanity I tell ya! For a gal who doesn’t get out much these days, I had an amazing time with the girls and couldn’t be happier that I made the decision to let my hair down (literally) and go out. I really appreciated everyone coming out last minute and am so glad that my Big Sis was in town from New York to partake in the festivities!
Necklace: Banana Republic // Vest: Borrowed From Sis (similar) // Dress: Bar III //Shoes: Dollhouse // Bag: Louis Vuitton

Birthday Girl

Necklace: Forever 21 // Gingham Shirt: Banana Republic // Skirt: Forever 21 (super old) // Flats: Random
Ideally I’d love to write a thought provoking post on my birthday this year…but I’m extremely tired and my brain just won’t let me be great at this moment. I’m just happy to be a year older and thankful for all the lessons that I’m continuing to learn. 25 to 26 has certainly been the most life changing year to date, as I’m now a mother to the greatest little baby boy ever! By the way, we spent a few hours of Birthday Eve at the Fontainebleu pool yesterday where he was a hit with all the ladies, lol. Since I’m not doing anything special for my actual birthday today, I really appreciated the invite to hang out (thanks My). I am however trying to organize a kid-free, ladies night out to celebrate on Saturday night. Between that and Grey’s Dedication (followed by his party), this weekend promises to be a hectic one but I welcome the madness. Happy Birthday to me 🙂

On Easter

Necklace: Banana Republic // Cardigan: Old Navy // Eyelet Dress: Old Navy
Ballet Flats: Banana Republic // Belt: Forever 21 (similar)
Lippie: Revlon – Berry Haute // Lacquer: Maybelline Color Show – Chiffon Chic
Happy Monday ladies! If you celebrate Easter, I hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends yesterday. Mine was like most Sundays, church followed by family dinner. We’re also now only 6 days away from Grey’s Dedication and are in the process of wrapping up the final details! By the way, excuse his grumpy face in the photo, all he wanted to do was take a nap but his annoying mother wanted to snap photos. I have so many fun things happening this week, including the arrival of my sister and nieces in the middle of this week…and oh yea, my birthday! Can you believe I had no idea by birthday was this week until my friends reminded me? Mommy brain, I tell ya!